Firework Window

Firework by Startpack

Easiest access
to web sites and applications!

Firework turns web applications and sites into desktop applications. Instant loading time, pinned to taskbar, easy to switch between.

For Windows 7/8/10
Version for macOS and Linux
Open your web destinations as desktop applications in a dedicated window. You’ll never lose them again among the dozens of open tabs of a web browser.
Pin your favorite web applications to the taskbar to keep them at hand.
Instantly switch to your favorite web applications just by clicking on corresponding icons within the taskbar or by using hotkeys.

Easy access

Access your web applications and websites with ease and be more productive saving your time.



Web applications go desktop! Quickly switch between them, move windows side by side as you want, use shortcuts for fastest access.



Don’t get distracted on random websites anymore, stay focused on your tasks and achieve more.

Why Firework is better than browser tabs?

Web applications you’re working with should be at hand, but your browsers have no way to distinguish between web applications and other opened tabs so you have to spend your energy and time to find a web application which you need to work with right now.

Why Firework is better than Favorites bar?

The web application link on the Favorites bar is convenient but once you’ve opened it, your web application’s tab instantly gets lost amongst other tabs. Bookmark always opens a new tab, it does not switch to already opened web application.

Why Firework is better than pinned tabs?

You have to be careful not to close the browser window with these pinned tabs if you have another one opened. Now it will remember tabs from the second window, and all your pinned tabs will be gone.

Why Firework is better than start pages and Quick Dial?

Browser start page has the same drawbacks as the Favorites bar. And start page in some browsers could load up to a few seconds.

Why Firework is better than virtual desktops?

Working on your computer means getting job done, not going through the obstacle course. And with virtual desktops you need to remember on which desktop you left your opened application.

Why Firework is better than the native desktop versions of web applications?

Web application developers don’t usually make fully-functioned standalone applications for the workplace platforms like Windows or macOS. Firework fixes it and gives you advantages of both worlds: web and desktop.



Firework is an application based on Chromium, there’s nothing either heavyweight or complex in there. Firework is just a convenient tool for time saving.


Workplace first

Our focus was on desktop and laptop users since studies show that these devices make 84% of work computers.


No tech for tech!

There are no buzzwords inside Firework! It’s been 5 years since Firework was created for your convenience and it will stay that way for years from now.

Become more productive!

For Windows 7/8/10
Version for macOS and Linux

Download Firework

For Windows 7/8/10

Accept and install

To get started in Firework

1Wait for download to finish

2Run FireworkInstaller

Good luck!